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JUNE                                                                                                         2024

Screenshot 2024-06-01 154014.jpg
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MAY                                                                                                         2024


Augmented Reality Art Exhibition

Galerie Caesar

Horní náměstí 583 (City Hall)
779 00 Olomouc, Czechia

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Red Head, 2024, oil on linen, 170x180cm_

Radka Bodzewicz's artpieces draw you into a poetic and inspiring world. It is an original creation with an unprecedented focus, showing that contemporary art does not have to be just about an artistic idea. The author has been creating thematically and formally advanced works for over five years, in which a noticeable shift from her older work can be seen. Her paintings highlight subjects that are primarily figurative. Completely original visions are sometimes incomprehensible and evoke strong emotions, which is the basis of all her art. Her world forces the viewer to approach, explore, and enter the compositions. They are definitely not pictures for a cursory glance, but for long-term contemplation. They very often raise questions, and in any case, they charm the viewer. At first glance, the compositions are lost as a whole, but only upon closer inspection do we discover that a rich world of fantasy is hidden within them. The artist transforms real experiences with her own narration and thus creates stories (almost mystical for the viewer) that can be a mirror of society on the basis of one individual's thinking. There is clearly a need to verbalize the microworld with the possible ambition of making it a macroworld. What should be the essence of art? To exploit and influence the world around us. The author's way of denying individual perspective is very interesting. The technique, known since the Renaissance, allows the artist greater freedom from the classical perspective and a better formulation of the artistic outline. This strategy will allow her works, unlike those of other artists, to avoid being anchored in time in the future, with the idea that her works can become timeless and carry a universal message in some way. At the same time, what is endearing about her work is that her compositions are not chatty and do not need commentary. The author approaches the paintings in such a way that she actually creates her own legends and stories. Her work is practically incomparable to anything on the domestic scene and is musically poetic, literaryly inspiring, and aesthetically absolutely pure. In recent years, she has also emerged as an interesting experimenter who incorporates augmented reality into her work, which allows her to connect classical painting, sculpture, and new technologies into a perfect whole. Adam Hnojil, curator.

APRIL                                                                                                       2024

MARCH                                                                                                     2024

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Comp 10_00000

Comp 10_00000

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Comp 2_00000

Comp 7_00000

Comp 7_00000

Comp 3_00000

Comp 3_00000

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Comp 9_00000

Comp 8_00011

Comp 8_00011

Comp 4_00002

Comp 4_00002

FEBRUARY                                                                                                 2024



mythmemoryidolfairy taledream

Radka Bodzewicz
Klaudie Hlavatá
Sabina Knetlová
Anna Ruth
Moemi Yamamoto

curator Radek Wohlmuth

Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě
Komenského 10

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JANUARY                                                                                                 2024

Winter every day in my Prague art studio


NOVEMBER                                                                                                2023

Gallery of fine arts in Cheb
náměstí Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 16
350 02 Cheb

Mundus Imaginalis, exhibition poster, Cheb

OCTOBER                                                                                                 2023

Official poster "SWAB", 2023




5 - 8 OCTOBER 2023
supported by

Pachamama, 2023

Pachamama, 2023

Swarming Tears, 2023

Swarming Tears, 2023

The Birth of the Sun, 2023

The Birth of the Sun, 2023

SEPTEMBER                                                                                               2023

Festival of Arts, Literature & Learning

13-17 Sept 2023

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Poupětova 1, Praha 7

Official Poster "Festival Fall", Dox Gallery, Prague, 2023



"Tarot", Art Exhibition, Bold Gallery, Prague, 2023

Playing cards of obscure origin that have been used for centuries to interpret the future. A hermetic path filled with symbols leading to initiation. Fun and destiny at the same time. Twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, authored by twenty-two contemporary authors. Moon, Star, Power, Wheel of Fortune, Devil, World, Fool and Last Judgement. Different signs, different meanings, different mediums. The stakes are high...

Ondřej Basjuk, Radka Bodzewicz, Veronika Gabrielová, Jan Hísek, Klaudie Hlavatá, Jakub Hubálek, Jakub Janovský, Václav Jirásek, Sabina Knetlová, Jan Kostohryz, Pavlína Kvita, Jiří Marek, Karolína Netolická, Ivan Pinkava, Anna Ruth, Jan Rybníček, Dana Sahánková, Martin Salajka, Adriana Sarnová, Jakub Tytykalo, Jan Vytiska, Moemi Yamamoto.

Curator: Radek Wohlmuth




22 September 2023, 6 pm (will take place during Prague Art Week at Kampus Hybernská)

Exhibition duration:

22 September – 11 November 2023

Gallery opening hours:

Tue-Sat 1pm – 7pm


A.1 HYB4 Galerie (at the main entrance)


Artists: Pavel Banka, Radka Bodzewicz, Nikola Čulík, Veronika Čechmánková, Habima Fuchs, Kurt Gebauer, Assaf Hinden , Vojtěch Hrubant , Olga Karlíková, Milan Kunc, Antonie Stano, Matěj Olmer, Vojtěch Pavlíček, Ondřej Petrlík, Petr Pelzmann, Ivan Pinkava, Matěj Pokorný, Ester Parasková, Ivan Pinkava, Vojtěch Pavlíček, Taja Spasskova, Vladimír Skrepl, Mark Ther

Curators: Michal Štochl / Filip Kazda

Foto: Veronika Čechmnánková,
Fiasko Show / self-portrait, analog, 35 mm film, barva / color, 2023

Official Poster "Various Forms of Sensibility", HYB4 Gallery, Prague, 2023

Over the past few years, the world has been changing right before our eyes. We’re experiencing situations that could easily compete with fictional scenarios. An opportunity for internal renewal and development is emerging, with shifts in perception and transformation of self-identity becoming a potent driving force for the societal shift in the decades ahead. We’re also evolving in the technological realm. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence have already become everyday tools of use. Despite these profound transformations, the theme of the exhibition brings us back to human sensitivity as a rare substance that has nourished individual stages, reshaped values, and transformed individuals and societies since ancient times.

But what is sensitivity, and who carries it? „A sensitive person shows empathy, understanding, and consideration for the emotional needs of others.“ This is how a machine, to whom we’re currently granting power over our expression and aesthetic perception, sees us: strictly, let’s say insensitively. For centuries, humans have perceived sensitivity on a spectrum—some celebrate it, while others label it a weakness. So, is an individual’s sensitivity a gift or a burden, as many point out? We leave this debate to anyone who’s open to it. However, we will focus on selecting artworks that exude depth, gentleness, and truth in the Czech environment, elements that would be impossible to express without the sensitivity of their creators.

The exhibition aims to explore the various facets of sensitivity and utilizes classic media as a means of both returning to and reinterpreting these mediums in a time heavily influenced by modern technologies and the language of contemporary art. The curatorial selection of the duo Kazda, Štochl indicates possible directions in which an individual’s sensitivity might evolve. Essentially, it isn’t about presenting works referring to sensitivity as a characteristic derived from its meaning; instead, it’s more about developing potential branches and deviations, pushing the boundaries of where sensitivity might lead. It’s for this reason that the curatorial selection of works is considerably diverse, yet cohesive, and tells the story of sensitivity within a broader context.

The final selection of works leans away from artistic trends stemming from the necessity to thrive in the global art market. Instead, it pays tribute to diversity and uncovers what’s often concealed. All of this stems from an aesthetic purity and originality that can stand firm in the context of world art and transcend local significance.

JULY                                                                                                        2023


I'm thrilled to announce that my art catalog is now available for order at the Bold Gallery

The art catalog focuses on my art projects and artpieces 2020-2023.

I'm really grateful for the support of the Oldřich Hejtmánek, Radek Wohlmuth, Dimitri Bodzewicz.
Graphic design: Jozef Ondrík


JULY                                                                                                        2023

pozvanka digital.jpg

Galerie Pekelné sáně

Malý Val 1552
767 01 Kroměříž

Výstavní projekt All the Whole propojuje tvorbu českých vizuálních umělkyň mladé generace Karímy Al-Mukhtarové a Radky Bodzewicz. Přestože se obě věnují širokému spektru technik a médií, výstavní spojení nelimituje jejich ideové koncepce či odlišné vizuální projevy. Navzájem se přirozeně podporují a vytvářejí harmonický a funkční celek, který otevírá nové možnosti čtení jednotlivých děl. Na jedné straně vnímáme příklon k filozofii, spiritualitě nebo vlastní mytologii a na druhé straně sledujeme zájem o jedince, zasazeného do společnosti, hledání identity či zpřítomnění těla. Fluidní prolínání fyzického a duchovního světa vytváří celistvý obraz o existenci, k níž patří touhy, slasti, útrapy a vše mezi tím.

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová (1989) je absolventkou hned tří uměleckých škol (FUD Ústí nad Labem, UMPRUM, AVU) a několika zahraničních stáží, je multimediální umělkyní, která pracuje s kombinováním nejrůznějších přístupů a technik. 

Radka Bodzewicz (1991) je absolventkou pražské Akademie výtvarných umění (Ateliér Grafiky II/škola Vladimíra Kokolii a Socha II/škola Jindřicha Zeithammla, 2017). Během studia se zúčastnila stáže na Robert Gordon University – Gray´s School of Art, Aberdeen (2016).

Autor: Michal Stolárik

JULY                                                                                                        2023


Festival pro židovskou čtvrť pořádá Unijazz ve spolupráci s městem Boskovice

2023 Klaustrofobie.jpg

JULY                                                                                                        2023


JUNE                                                                                                        2023

Augmented&Experience Reality Art Exhibiton


U Měšťanského pivovaru 6a

170 00 Prague 7 - Holešovice

Czech Republic


opening hours

tues – fri 2 – 6 pm

sat 11 am – 6 pm

or by appointment

tel. +420 773 77 99 88

more about exhibition =>

With her latest project created for Prague’s Bold Gallery, the intermedia artist Radka Bodzewicz (1991) concludes her exhibition trilogy in which she responds to the messages of several fundamental texts concerning the spiritual journey of man and updates their legacy for today. The introduction to the theme was provided by Dante’s Divine Comedy (Bold Gallery, 2020), while the middle part, entitled In illo tempore, was based on Mircea Eliade’s iconic study The Myth of the Eternal Return (Václav Špála Gallery, 2022). The current culmination of the series is a visual reflection based on John Milton’s large-scale epic poem from 1667, which elaborates on the events of the expulsion from Eden from the Old Testament book of Genesis. It is interesting for its inverted optics, since its protagonist is a fallen angel, in other words, Satan.

            His presence, however, is not expressed directly. In her compositions, Radka Bodzewicz continues to work with a detailed multiplicity without individual signs, and her paintings as a whole retain the typical character of mental maps, non/transparent visual mazes in which the mystery of human spirituality deflates un/visibly right before our eyes. For her devil is also hidden in the detail. And one more thing. In the duality of opposites that silently etches every human action, every word, every decision. In this case, too, the traditional theme is used as a general metaphor for the existential crisis manifested by the loss of basic certainties and security, but also by the essential awareness of one’s own finitude and the inevitability of death.

            The twelve books of the poem are embodied in twelve canvases that form the backbone of the exhibition. Their perception is complemented for the first time not only by augmented reality, which opens up an active dynamic layer of paintings that enhances their experience, but also by other new media tools such as video mapping or virtual reality, each creating a context for the other and transforming the exhibition into a complex intertwined installation at the boundary between reality and optical vision. In doing so, Radka Bodzewicz does not try to stick to the biblical architecture that is the staple of the original story. Although she works with symbols that interest her, she redefines the plot towards a personal destiny and directs it towards a contemporary feeling of life.

            Her visual variation between good and evil, imprinted in the animalistic and divine identity of man as a being who is neither angel nor devil, raises disturbing questions about human existence, the way it is viewed and, above all, how it copes with adversity and the extreme pressures of everyday life. Ultimately,    it is not only a question of finding a solution for our here and now, but above all for the future, into which, precisely through man, heaven and hell seep.


Radek Wohlmuth

curator of the exhibition


MAY                                                                                                        2023


MAY                                                                                                        2023


MARCH                                                                                                    2023

My Everyday Artistic Yoga Workout in VR


FEBRUARY                                                                                                 2023

All Power to the Imagination!
"All Power to the imagination!" shows the works of its best-known representatives in dialogue with contemporary positions from the Czech Republic
Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau
Georg-Treu-Platz 1
01067 Dresden

My part of art installation

Video Mapping Art Installation : "The Path of The Sun"inspired by egyptian myth of the creation of the world.

Virtual Reality Art Installation : "The Sundance"inspired by the native american sacred ceremony of The Sun Dance.


JANUARY                                                                                                  2023

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU), Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Augmented Reality Art Exhibition
Free open for visitors and public at working hours


DECEMBER                                                                                                2022

ARTGEN Business Park Augmented Reality Art Exhibition
Free open for visitors and public at working hours


NOVEMBER                                                                                                 2022

Continuum Transfunctioner

_ Radka Bodzewicz___ Alexandr Martsynyuk___ Julius Reichel___ Olia Svetlanova

Curators: Alexandra Karpuchina, Lucie Pankrácová

Exhibition opening:
𝟔.𝟏𝟏. 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐, 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝟏𝟖:𝟎𝟎

Můstek metro mezzanine under Wenceslas Square, Prague (CZ)

Link to the event

The new gallery, with its specific curatorial approach, aims to create a unique concept of gradually moving the viewer into the virtual world by illustrating the possibility of transitions between classical and digital art, digital art into the virtual environment and, last but not least, into the decentralized world of NFT.

The first exhibition will be dedicated to transition, or transmission. Using the example of several works by contemporary artists, it will demonstrate the possibilities of stepping into or out of virtual space.

KG Nov22.jpg
KG Nov22-1.jpg
KG Nov22-2.jpg
KG Nov22-3.jpg

OCTOBER                                                                                                   2022

All That Is Solid Melds in the Air by National Gallery Prague - Trade Fair Palace

CJCH2022_Veletrzni palac_NG_ph_Jan_Kolsky_001.jpg
CJCH2022_Veletrzni palac_NG_ph_Jan_Kolsky_098.jpg
UROBOROS_2022, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 140x250cm.jpg

JULY                                                                                                         2022


JUNE                                                                                                         2022

Tapas - an exhibition that I prepared for the children's gallery in the Broumov cloister. This word Tapas comes from Sanskrit, which is literally a perfectly composed language, and its meaning is related to inner burning. To me it means absolute immersion, surrender, burning on all levels of being. All of these meanings contain fire, which is transformative. My children still show me how important it is to burn, to be immersed in everyday experiences.

The theme of the exhibition is the human destiny and, above all, the invisible world that we carry within us as spiritual beings. I am inspired by mythology, analyzes of spiritual traditions and the archaic world of shamanism, in which I discover incredible parallels for myself. I try to enter the field of the collective unconscious with the image and thus get closer to the viewer through symbol, color, shape, meaning. I believe in the painting is as a message that communicates beyond time and space.

View more about exhibition


MAY                                                                                                         2022

The Young and Restful in Meet Factory (Prague, CZ)

09_Mladi a klidni_foto studio Flusser_ed
08_Mladi a klidni_foto studio Flusser.jpg
07_a Mladí a klidní_foto Studio Flusser.jpg

The Young and Restful is an exhibition of artists of the very generation that encountered the dominance of conceptual minimalism at schools and galleries during their studies almost ten years ago. As the hand-crafting techniques became the center of international contemporary art, the featured artists took to them in recent years as well. The repetitive rhythm of crafts and haptic material perception bring about the beneficial state of full concentration or flow that is praised by all mindfulness coaches generated by our performance-based society. This is, however, only a theory. Long hours of manual labor may also cause stress, exhaustion, and physical pain. The exhibiting artists often turned to handwork because they were frustrated with either creative arts (the oversaturation of both digital and conceptual art approaches), the societal marginalization, or new living conditions (social isolation connected with early maternity, worsened health state, or the current pandemic). I call them Young and Restful with a touch of humor as they do not shout loudly at today’s challenges but they sew them in, carve them in, dig them in and engrave them in their artworks. But as it turns out, the name fits less and less.

The exhibition is a part of the long-time exhibition cycle of the MeetFactory Gallery called Other Knowledge curated by Tereza Jindrová. It follows forms of knowledge transfer that go against the rational principle that dominates the Western and Central European society. When we craft by our hands, we pass on the experience not only orally through stories but also using motoric memory. Our knit and purl is the same as that of our ancestors, who taught us the craft.

In the spirit of insanity, which is one of the subliminal themes of the exhibition, I interviewed the artists to prepare for the show and understand their personal motivation to use time consuming manual labor. Some of them said it was initiated by a passion for collective creation as an interhuman contact of sharing. On the other side of the spectrum are the artists who exclude such moments of sharing and purposefully isolate themselves. However, it is apparent in both cases that they capture their stories using stitches, cuts, and strokes. If they injure their hands sometimes, they imprint DNA on their art literally.

The materials turn out to be great confessors, both discrete and resistant to pungent confessions. I must also mention the Greco-Roman mythological story analogy of Philomela which I read about while researching the current trend of crocheting in contemporary art by the Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić. The story, as captured by Ovid in Metamorphoses, is about Philomela who is dragged into mountains, raped, and tortured by her brother-in-law Tereus. He, then, cuts off her tongue to silence her. In the end, Philomela weaves her story into a white yarn and gives it to a servant to bring it to her sister who sets her free. “She was unable to talk as she was mute but her pain inspired her imagination and her misfortune sharpened her mind. She stretched her smart white yarn on someone’s loom and weaved in her fate in purple letters.”

Apart from already stated frustration or need for loosening of the art form, which is being mentioned by artists themselves when talking about learning the craft, another often stressed motif is longing for “return”. Of what? The craft which they mostly learned to do during their teens and later left behind being burned out and fascinated by then new technologies. It is also the return of archetypal work and basic skills which bring back feelings of self-affirmation and “re-anchoring” that are much needed in the times of fluently passing from paralysis of the pandemic to the reality of until recently unimaginable and not-so-distant war in Ukraine.

Eva B. Riebová, curator 

FEBRUARY                                                                                                  2022

IL ILLO TEMPORE in Wenceslas Spala Gallery in Prague


JANUARY                                                                                                   2022


OCTOBER                                                                                                   2021

Signal Festival Plan C in Prague


Projection mapping

VR Installation

Czech Design.PNG

MARCH                                                                                                     2021


JAN                                                                                                          2021

JULY                                                                                                        2020

Božská komedie
Radka Bodzewicz vystavuje obrazy, které maluje ve virtuální realitě
ShowTime CNN Prima NEWS
July, 3 2020

JUNE                                                                                                        2020

Human Comedy
Augmented Reality Art Exhibition
BOLD Gallery, Prague


fot. Pavel Šinagl

"Experimental Artist"

Czech Television (ČT)

June, 22 2020

JUNE                                                                                                        2019

The Garden of Epicurus
Vyšehrad Art Gallery


June, 2019

MAY                                                                                                         2019

Art Exhibition
Archimboldo Gallery, Prague
April 17 – June 15, 2019

More about this exhibition

61777160_2715762241784018_5340578763543412736_o (1).jpg
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